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5 US celebrities who choose to be Vegan

Being vegan is a great thing and many people try it even some of our great celebs that are known worldwide promote and support a fully vegan life.

Vegan life is not that bad and can be good as the good is less fat and less carbs and help you with many other things.

  • A vegan diet will help lose weight and great diet food.
  • It will help you maintain a healthy heart.
  • Vegan diet is richer in certain nutrients
  • It will help you with your sugar level and people who eat only vegan food have less chance of getting sugar.
  • Better kidney function vegan people kidney worms perfectly fine and stay healthy than the non-vegan one.
  • It also known to protect you from certain cancers
  • It really useful when it comes to arthritis pain as it can reduce it

For many people being vegan is trendy they will try certain challenges on the internet and make sure they stay vegan.

There are many famous celebrities that also stay Vegan let’s take a look at them.

Ellen Page:

This actress is no stranger to being in news and magazines the Canadian actress and producer have won many awards and have worked in different movies and TV shows. This 32 years old actress has appeared in very well known movies and most amazing marvels X-men too. Ellen Page has been vegan for many years and the reason is for social justice. Once she said that why vegans are made fun of when people who eat animals and sell them and kill just for their profit is fine? These are not exact words but yeah Ellen page did say that.

Jessica Chastain:

American Idol, actress, and producer Jessica Chastain has been part of many great movies known for her bold strong will power roles. The actress has won many awards, the 42 years actress has started in one of the best movies interstellar, and recently in IT part 2. The actress has been vegan for like 8 years and vegetarian fly almost 15 years. Quite amazing if you ask me, she is vegan for a great reason she doesn’t want to hurt or torture anything and be part of the cruelty of our world. While her exact words were ‘I’m a vegan. I don’t want to torture anything. I guess it’s about trying to live a life where I don’t give any hand or contribution in our world cruelty.

Ariana Grande:

One of the top singers in the world has been on billboards countless times with many platinum albums in her name. The vocal range of Ariana Grande is something to look forward to when you hear her song amazing and beautiful voice with more beautiful looks. The singer had it all, the 26-year-old singer has been vegan since 2013. She said that I love animals more than most of people, not kidding. But I’m a believer in eating plant-based food diet as it can expand your lifespan and make you an all-around healthier person. If you are Ariana Grande fan you would know what she stands for and how much she loves animals.

Ellen DeGeneres:

Probably the most famous person ever on a TV show, Ellen DeGeneres owns her own show called The Ellen DeGeneres Show where she has been talking and taking interviews of famous celebrities. She’s a great comedian, writer, producer, actress and obviously her favorite part being host on her show. I would say if you want to see if being vegan works or not just take a look at Ellen DeGeneres. Her age is 61 years and she still looks as she’s 40, what else anyone want? She has been an amazing person who helped many people and she has been a vocal animal advocate and use her show for sometimes even tell people and make them aware. She has also changed her association from eating it wearing animal products to not use it forever.

Joaquin Phoenix:

Joaquin Rafael Phoenix is a Puerto Rican American actor, the producer. He has won many awards including the best actor in Grammy’s. The 45 years old actor has been vegan since he was three and the best thing that he did was made the documentary called Earthlings. Which by far the reason why many people including Ellen DeGeneres converted into a vegan. He is an inspiration to many people and have really did move people with his narration in the documentary film the Earthlings.…