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20 Amazing Things You Can Make with 3D Printing

We have reached so far, as a society, a community and definitely in terms of technological advancement. Of course, there is always matter for debate as to the pros and cons of the progress, but in terms of 3D printing, we all may come together and agree that this form of progress has caused waves in several industries already, especially in the medical field where people find themselves in dilemmas, trying to find matching organs for transplants and such. Let’s read more on these advances made by 3D printing.

A shakuhachi flute

Let’s get some cultural insights in and bring the Japanese flute – and aesthetic pleasing, as well. 3D printing was recently used to make a stainless steel version of this beauty with intricate designs possible and any type of plating. We are sure that this news will definitely excite fans of fantasy and supernatural movies where a lot of props of this nature are required to add to the convincing detail of the plot.

3D medical models

As mentioned above, 3D printing has proved especially useful in the medical field. Here, professionals in the medical field don’t always get a prototype to test their hypotheses on and take major risks in treating their patients. Now, with this technological step, cheaper alternatives come to light for studying human conditions and the anatomy in general.


Here’s a resounding welcome to fabric created from durable materials with the perfect fit by analyzing each customer’s body type and creating to their requirements. No needle and thread, and no unnecessary labour, was required for this purpose – the machine collects the body data, converting it into recyclable clothing that immediately reduces the carbon footprint. Not to forget, perfect fits are a rare dream – a myth till 3D printing.

Heddle Loom

If you believe in the process of making from scratch and have the necessary creative side for the process (along with the patience), get yourself a 3D printed heddle loom for weaving fabric. The contraption is made from raw plastic, screws and a 3D modeler program called the openSCAD. If not just for creative pursuits, lessons in history and other open electives dealing with the same, can always be made more interesting by creating realistic models depicting and describing exactly what the students wish to see.

Camera Lens

The biggest challenge to 3D printing will definitely include imagining more sustainable material for recreating the product to make the process more eco-friendly and durable. For example, you can recreate camera lens using acrylic instead of glass for the lens and other tools for creating the small parts that hold the creation together. You can always experiment with other materials and attempt trial-and-error.


Let’s get musical with our efforts – you can 3D print an acoustic guitar now! That is great news for those who like to strum the strings. You can recreate these with plastic, along with the metallic sound hole cover and other joints. If you are more about creating exact replicas of your favorite music idols and less about actual working of the instrument, 3D printing can make your dreams come true as well.


Because shooting stuff is cool enough, 3D printing can make this even cooler by creating the gun that does not break after a few shots, as it used to till recent times. Get yourself the publicly distributed files from the non-profit organization Defense Distributed for the files needed to print the gun – and get yourself a 3D printer as well.

Cap Gun

Ah, shooting. There is always fun in that. We suppose you could always make a normal bottle opener and go about your life – but what if you could make a bottle opener and cap gun in one machine and use it to shoot the cap across the room, potentially endangering the people you live with or breaking something especially if you’ve a terrible aim? Now that, is entertainment, amusement and living dangerously. Few printed pieces, an elastic band along with trusted screws will do the desired trick.

Headphones Holder

There are always quirky versions for holding your earphones and then there are the badass ones that make you feel like you are in a cheaper version of Avengers. Print a stand, aglow with electric blue lights, and let your headphones chill in the technology vibe it deserves.

Smart Wallet

Not like there’s a lot of money to keep in, but a smart wallet has all the compartments you’d need for an efficient and compartmentalized version – the keys, the cards and the limited money bills. The future is here, say goodbye to the horrible memory loss that strikes exactly when you have somewhere to be within a time constraint.

Spot hangers

We are always looking for useful places to hang literally everything – from coats to bags and shower curtains. Print some useful hooks in convenient shapes and utilize the luxury of hanging everything everywhere – although, don’t make your home into a place where everything hangs from a hook.


There’s nothing like too many containers – everything needs a box and a place to go, even if there are a thousand million small boxes that never convey any useful purpose. Absolutely no extra effort is required and that is one of the many advantages of making boxes with spaces. You can use the apt program to edit the hinges to be loose or tight and shift the colour and shape of the boxes to your liking.

Toilet roll holders

Not like we have any issue explaining the importance of a toilet roll holder, especially the you that will eventually visit the washroom and inevitably yell across the room for a fresh roll, but every human instantly clicks on the need. What it doesn’t require are quirky designs and funny shapes that can hold seven or eight rolls at once, but that is just how you make life interesting with a 3D printer.

Cable organizer

Sometimes a box doesn’t solve your problems and sometimes you have more USB cables than you have self-control in your life and that means you need an organizer that doesn’t allow the cables to tangle worser than your hair. Build a handy version that works as a hook or handle for you to let the wire ‘hang’ when not using it.

Bag clip with a screw cap

Everyone is familiar with ripping a packet open and attempting to use the quantity you need, eventually realizing that you’ve dumped the entire thing and there is no way to salvage the situation. Now, we have the cure – use the 3D printer to print a bag clip that holds a cap at the edge which allows you to unscrew and gain limited and more useful access to the contents.


If only this contraption was the obvious solution to your money-saving troubles; we still do recommend constructing one for fun purposes and who knows, you might end up saving quite a good amount through the pig’s belly. Adjust the opening for accessing your savings later and make sure it can handle the weight.

Spool Holder (auto-rewind)

We are always in need of a spool holder that rewinds the messy wire in quick and easy full rotations. The machine uses a 3D spring and an adjustable clutch and is adjustable in various parameters.

Stationery holder

There is always an extra pen or pencil lying around and no space to keep it for re-using when the actual need arises. Negate this frustration and build a holder for all those long cylinders.

Sound amplifier

Get that bass into your ears through an easy installation like an amplifier targeting the tiny speakers at the very end of that smart phone seems more interesting than a simple Bluetooth speaker. No one regrets a little extra sound – not now, when we decent hearing abilities – so indulge yourself.


From hair clips with a fancy tweak, to those for hanging laundry – get yourself some clips that hold and keep your messy stuff in place, at least temporarily.