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7 amazing of garlic for skin, hair, and health

Garlic has been used in our food, mostly for its aroma you cannot deny. That there is no other food that gives that good aroma and taste when you roast it. While it’s good for eating and making your food healthy there are some other things that garlic help you with.

That is your health, skin, and overall health garlic have vitamin B1, B2, B3, B6, and folate also rich in calcium, vitamin C, iron, magnesium, manganese, zinc, potassium, sodium, and phosphorus.

So you have an idea of how much rich in source your one garlic clove is right? And that is why when it comes to uses it can be used for many benefits. Many doctors recommend garlic as it will give you better digestion and will help in getting rid of toxins in the body by flushing them out. It will also build up immunity against cold and prevent any heart disease by cleaning the arteries tube.

But there are some amazing other uses too that you might want to know, and after knowing these for sure you will use it more.

Purify your blood

Do you know when the blood of the human body is not really clear and pure and have many impurities it gives you acne and zits? The cause of them is simply the bacteria and impurities inside your blood and it’s been proven that what you eat is what you become. So, that is why garlic is good for your health as it will clear those impurities from your blood and make your body looks better and healthier. For this simple thing, you have to consume 2 cloves raw garlic with warm water in the morning and make sure after that whole day you stay hydrated and consume enough amount of water. It can be useful as a weight-loss supplement just take warm water and lemon juice and leave 2 garlic cloves in it for few min cover the glass with something so water don’t get cold and after 5 min or so drink it. It will help you reduce toxins and impurities inside your blood and body.

Cold and flu

One of the best benefits of having garlic, Is that when you take 3 garlic cloves raw or cooked in a day. You can eat them however you want even if in garlic tea you will get the same result. It will help your cold and stop running nose and also build your immunity with time so you won’t catch cold again easily.

There was a reason that people eat so much garlic when they are eating meat and even before in past time people used to eat garlic with meat. As meat had certain bacteria that could have harmed them and so they used to eat garlic that helped them fight those bacteria and get a good healthy body.

Healthy heart

The good thing about garlic is that there are many ways to consume and many benefits you can get from it. Healthy heart being one of them, these days we eat so many unhealthy foods and consume so much oily food that has lots of oil. That can make you have higher cholesterol and can make your heart pipes block that pumps blood inside your body. The blockage of the pipe can lead to some very dangerous disease and give you S high chance of being hospitalized and even having surgery of heart. For this benefit, you need to have the clove raw in the morning because cooking it will make the effect less.

Anti-bacterial and parasitic

When it comes to bacteria and parasite garlic been aiding and helping people from those since past 7 thousand years. Garlic is a really ancient food that use for medical purpose too it can fix your health and save you infection and fungus. There are many gadgets available in market like Microcurrent facial machines to improve skin. Garlic may not sound that good as a mouthwash but it’s one of the greatest use, you can use garlic mouthwash for better bacteria removal and help your mouth stay clean.

Prevent from cancer

Stomach and colorectal cancer can be dangerous and hard to deal with but when you consuming garlic every day in right amount. You making it better for your body as it will help you fight against those cancer bacteria and make your body immune to both of them.

Hair and skin

When you consume garlic every day it helps your skin, it slows down the process of getting your skin loses and keeps it tight and healthy so you won’t have that flab in your body. When it comes to hair the garlic helps you to prevent hair loss the oil inside the garlic can be very good for that crush the garlic and use it on your scalp and rub it. Doing that every day in your life will help you have a healthy scalp and prevent your hair from getting hair loss.


When you use garlic it will help you from preventing any infection caused by splinters. When you get a splinter you can just cut a garlic piece above that splinter cut after removing it and then cover it with a bandage. After that, there will be no infection or anything like that with you.

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