It’s summertime 2012, and we’re here today to celebrate a new breed of sassy bitch girls — articulate young women with Tumblr-style stage names reciting love poems to boys and codeine-laced drinks to flo-90s electronica.

A mouthful, I know, but this syrup-laced culture is blunt, rough, and smokin’ hot since grade-school soccer practice. Watch yourself, though, these girls are twenty-two and under. And their internet-savvy pseudonyms make them hard to pin down.

The phenomenon they represent is not new — the reclamation of the word ‘bitch’ as a source of power, the suicide girl flirt in harmony with the sweet teenage smile, and the mastery of drug reference and linguistic curve.

For starters, let’s begin with our little sassy sprite Jordan Capozzi, who goes by Lil’ Debbie, a reference to an American snack cake from Tennessee. With obvious Italian roots and family-focussed (she used to model her family’s kids fashion clothing line), she brings a laid-back California neighbourhood vibe to her rhymes, exemplified in ‘Two Cups’, featuring DollaBillGates.


Next up: Natassia Zolot, a key collaborator in the California dream scene known as Kreayshawn, a play on the word ‘creation’, with a surf punk mom role model. Although best known for her glitzy, Katy-Perry-style Breakfast video where she claims ‘I got all the syrup’, our featured selection is her more recent video ‘Summertime’, and this post’s anthem, filmed in fake VHS and equally stylish eyelashes.


And sweet as Puerto Rican Polvo de Amor is NYC’s Destiny Nicole, whose moniker Wavy Spice riffs on Brit Pop Girl culture and mermaid tattoos. With banjee hood girl nail styles, she is divine, cultured and well rounded. And a posh woman is refined in her eloquence, as exemplified by this nineties house number ‘Bitch I’m Posh’, proving Brugal and Barcardi don’t mix.


Playing up the redheaded girl next door, Kathryn Beckwith is Florida’s Kitty Pryde — a marvellous re-creation of the comic book character in question. With a Bandcamp release in her repertoire, countless YouTube videos, and a band of beautiful muses, Okay Cupid, her soft-spoken ode to Danny boy Brown, is adorkable and delicious.


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And finally, although she’s popular beyond reason, is Azealia Banks, Harlem’s black young sis, the beacon. With visceral voice shifts and bisexual banter, Miss Banks is clearly bringing the cute to the mermaid ball. And with this vibrant missive to Manhattan, ‘212’, a reference to the telephone area code, filmed in black and white, she’s leading a crush of brave bitches into a fresh new decade.


About author
Guest contributor David Laulainen (aka Trogdor23) is from Vancouver, Canada and writes for Harmless Crushes: an adoring tribute to the women in music.
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