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3 ways to forward your landline to a cell phone.

It is the 21’st century, and we are connected to everyone like family, friends, office, work from home, delivery, etc. We can contact anyone and anytime we want. But it is also true that you can’t be available for everything because of the busy schedule.

The phone plays an essential role in this communication, but if you are using a landline for a long time and everyone has your landline number, it will be hard to be around it all the time, and even if you try, you will miss a few of them. Buy best landline phones if you don’t want to forward calls.

If you work in some office and are late or ducking with your colleagues or whatever your reason to miss the call, this will make a wrong impression on your customers.

So you need an alternative like forwarding your calls from your landline to your cell phone.

Let me tell you, call forwarding is not new and also a handy feature. But still, a common problem is people usually ask, ” how can we forward our landline call to the mobile phone?”

But before this, lets me tell you about call forwarding. Calling forwarding is a feature in every telephone service that divert an incoming call to our desired destination instead of where it is supposed to go. The goal can be anything that associates telephone numbers, such as a mobile phone, fax machine, a voice mailbox, and a regular telephone landline.

Call forwarding from a landline :

  • Using a code system:


Every phone company has a different phone code system; you can check with your phone company about your phone service code—for example, a standard code (*72).

  1. You have to dial this code from your landline phone
  2. Listen to the dial tone
  3. Press the ten-digit number of your cell phone or where you would like to get the forwarded calls
  4. Press (#) and wait for a response indicating the activation of your forwarded calls
  5. End the call

If you are not sure that this worked, then you can repeat all the steps.

Suppose you want to stop forwarding calls, dial *73 if you wish to call forwarding. If you are busy and unable to pick after a certain number of calls or conditional call forwarding, then dial *81.

It is a cheap method to not miss any call on your way out, which is unlikely to unfair. Also, the caller will never find out it is a forwarded call.

  • A receptionist can forward a call by hand :

Like a receptionist who can divert your calls 24/7, 365 days a week, such management can transfer your landline. Call from individuals or many departments and offices regardless of where you are, so you don’t need to afraid of reaching them; they can divert all calls to the cell phone of your choice and voicemail to readable text.

  • Using VoIP :

You can call through computer, phone and receive vice-versa, as it converts your voice into digital signals that travel through the internet like other data. And the signal converted into sound if you are calling a standard phone.

There are several ways to use VoIP, like you can call someone from your computer by using a microphone and a set of headphones, you can use your regular phone to a digital adapter or VoIP enabled select phones. In all these methods, you need a broadband internet connection.



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